AK TAX is in business since 2014 managed by highly qualified practitioners who strive to provide the best tax and accounting consultancy services.

We have served a wide range of national clients and individuals from many different industries across Jordan such as manufacturing, financial, trading, telecommunication etc.

We focus on serving small and medium enterprises SMEs since their needs for advisory services are generally underserved.

We also take pride in bringing them on better footings and into new growth potentials.

Our vision

To be highly respected business in the field, where clients come for the peace of mind that their interests are being cared for by a team that enjoys working with them and with one another.

To provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with highest quality accounting, auditing, tax planning and business consulting services delivered in a timely, efficient, and innovative manner by a professional team that clearly enjoys working together to exceed their client’s needs.


we deliver what we promise


we will respect the confidentiality of information acquired because of professional and business relationships and there- fore, do not disclose any such information to third parties


Gaining trust through our actions.


Hold business licenses & consulting licenses


Possess the needed technical skills to provide clients with suitable solutions


We are flexible, we adapt quickly to client needs and deliver on time high quality deliverables

Tax Compliance Service
Our objective is to ensure your company's declaration and payment of the monthly Tax Returns, annual Tax Returns and other reporting are in accordance with the applicable Regulations. We can help your company to manage tax compliance, manage tax risk and update regulations, thus allowing your company to focus on your business. We will actively inform you on all tax changes which could influence your company's business operations.
Accounting Services
From creating accounting charts, tracking revenues and expenses, calculation cost of goods to bookkeeping and initiating internal financial statements, AK-Tax will help clients of SMEs and corporations in setting up their accounting system and develop a full image of financial position. We will actively inform you on all tax changes which could influence your company's business operations.
Tax Management Services
We have significant experience conducting reviews of the tax compliance of local entities, checking the integrity and accuracy of a company's tax systems and processes. This helps to limit the risk of inaccuracies or compliance failure and may mitigate the risk of future tax penalties. Our approach to a tax compliance health check involves an understanding of the business specifics, inspection of a company's financial records and supporting documents on a sample basis for determination of tax risks. Taxes affect almost all aspects of a business, and the swift growth in the complexity of the tax laws has made it difficult for many entrepreneurs to making a right decision. At AK-TAX, our tax expertise coupled with deep industry knowledge will efficiently help our clients realize planning opportunities and meet their compliance responsibilities. We will actively inform you on all tax changes which could influence your company's business operations.
Tax Litigation Service
Going through tax audit, objection, appeal, or reconsideration can be tedious and distract your focus from your business. We will assist you throughout the entire process, ensure faster process and give the best possible outcome for your case. Tax Audit & Tax Objection; We will be the attorney who represent our clients in tax office during tax audit and tax objection process. We will review and file the necessary documents needed to be submitted to Tax officer. We will also give needed explanations regarding out client's business activities. Identify the corrections made by the Tax Auditors and challenge the related tax argumentations and calculations. Tax Appeal & Tax Lawsuit; This Service allowed us to act as an attorney to represent our clients in court. We will draft and submit Tax Appeal Letter/ Tax Lawsuit Letter. Rebuttal Letter and provide explanations regarding our business activities. the aim for this service is to make sure our clients get proper and correct Taxpayer’s rights. Tax Refund: We will obtain all the necessary data required to prepare tax returns, review financial statements to determine any tax exposures, discuss the fiscal adjustments and the exposures with you and the auditor We will actively inform you on all tax changes which could influence your company's business operations.
Tax and accounting documentation services
All the necessary filings of your accounting and tax related papers and documents will be managed, processed, properly classified, and well reserved by our team at AK-TAX document warehouse. We will actively inform you on all tax changes which could influence your company's business operations.
Inventory management service
Inventory changes constantly. Throughout each day, sales, returns, new receipts – even damage and theft – affect your inventory levels. While daunting, effective inventory management and inventory control are the most important jobs in a successful retail or wholesale business. AK-TAX will get the job done for you!
ERP Software & accounting software
It is easy to bring the organization into a single system by using our XXXXXXXXXX Software Solution. Manage all the back-office and front office activities of your business and allows you to focus on your core business activities. We understand the importance of your business and manage information, flow of data and processes. XXXXXXXXXXX is an integrated solution to manage the external and internal activities of Businesses. It incorporates all facets of the business functions and allows automating and growing your company. XXXXXXXXXXXXX covers multiple modules including Sales Management, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting, Purchase and Inventory, Project Management, HR and Payroll Management, Contractor Management, Lease and Maintenance both on cloud and offline. Our ERP solutions give you an integrated business process, with no duplication of data. It enhances operational process and maximizes the revenue rates through our services including Consulting, Implementation, Training and Support. These services help your company in improving visibility, reduce operating costs, standardized business process, easy data accessibility, better communication, increased security, accuracy and consistency, better resource management, improved accounting and more of it will benefit you and give boost to your business.

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